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Artificial Intelligence

  Market Leaders Collaborate with Synopsys to Realize Gains of Generative AI Across Full EDA Stack - Nov. 27, 2023 ❖

Transformational Generative AI Capabilities, Starting with Copilot, to Fuel Next-Level Productivity for Chipmakers Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS ) today announced the expansi...  > Read

  Arm Extends Cortex-M Portfolio to Bring AI to the Smallest Endpoint Devices - Nov. 22, 2023 ❖

By Paul Williamson, SVP and GM of the IoT LoB, Arm - Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) are grabbing headlines, but many don’t realize how much ...  > Read

SoC Design Platforms and Services

  Tenstorrent Gains Momentum in Asia With Rapidus Partnership - Nov. 27, 2023 ❖

By Sally Ward-Foxton, EETimes (November 27, 2023) SANTA CLARA, California—“When we met Rapidus for the first time, they said something really exciting: They want to speed up ...  > Read

  BrainChip Announces Dr. Tony Lewis as the New Chief Technology Officer - Nov. 23, 2023 ❖

Laguna Hills, Calif. – November 23, 2023 -- BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN, OTCQX: BRCHF, ADR: BCHPY), the world’s first commercial producer of ultra-low power, fully digi...  > Read

Automotive - Avionics

  ProteanTecs Awarded "Overall Connected Vehicle Innovation of the Year" in AutoTech Breakthrough Awards - Nov. 23, 2023 ❖

ProteanTecs has received the distinguished "Overall Connected Vehicle Innovation of the Year" award in the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards 2023. In a competitive field comprising 1,600 submiss...  > Read

  Red Bull Ford Powertrains pursues the sustainable future of motorsport with Siemens Xcelerator - Nov. 20, 2023 ❖

Red Bull Ford Powertrains is using the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software to develop a new hybrid power unit for 2026 racing season Hybrid power unit specifications for the...  > Read

Business News

  EIC-funded companies at Intel & Hugging Face Summit - Nov. 22, 2023 ❖

Five EIC-funded AI-related deep tech start-ups participate in the Intel and Hugging Face Summit hosted in association with Leaseweb in Amsterdam on 22 November 2023. The summit is a unique ...  > Read

  US puts $3bn into packaging development and manufacturing - Nov. 22, 2023 ❖

The US has allocated $3 billion of Chips Act money to its National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program (NAPMP) with the aim of developing "critical and relevant innovations for adva...  > Read

  Agile Analog appoints former GUC Europe President as new VP of Sales - Nov. 22, 2023 ❖

To strengthen customer relationships and drive adoption of unique analog IP. -- Agile Analog, the customizable analog IP company, is pleased to announce the appointment of former GUC Europ...  > Read

Embedded Processing

  VeriSilicon's Vector Graphics GPU is selected by LG Electronics - Nov. 22, 2023 ❖

The mass market proven 2.5D GPU fully supports the industry-standard SVG and LVGL through VeriSilicon’s VGLite API -- VeriSilicon (688521.SH) today announced that LG Electronics, Inc...  > Read

  Bringing Arm TCS23 to Life on Next-gen Flagship Smartphones with MediaTek and vivo - Nov. 16, 2023 ❖

By Chris Bergey, SVP and GM of the Client Business, Arm -- Back in May 2023, we announced Total Compute Solutions 2023 (TCS23) as the platform for mobile computing. With the smartphone co...  > Read

Audio, Voice, Video

  LC3plus audio codec software licensed by major Audio OEM - Nov. 22, 2023 ❖

-- T2M, a leading provider of Wireless communication technologies, is pleased to announce the licencing of its partners groundbreaking LC3plus Audio Codec SW, running on Qualcomm® Kalimb...  > Read

Security Solutions

  Xiphera's Crypto Module Offers Customisable Offload and Acceleration Solutions - Nov. 21, 2023 ❖

The Crypto Module is a versatile and multi-purpose solution for a wide range of security needs. It enables a comprehensive approach to cryptography offloading and security enhancement. --...  > Read

  Secure-IC strengthens its innovation leadership in embedded cybersecurity with the acquisition of eShard patents portfolio - Nov. 21, 2023 ❖

Cesson-Sévigné (France) – November 21, 2023 – Secure-IC announces today the strategic acquisition of the patents portfolio from eShard , renowned pioneer in advanced...  > Read

RISC-V Ecosystem

  New RISC-V processors address demand for open source and performance - Nov. 21, 2023 ❖

By Nitin Dahad, (November 8, 2023)​ Annual RISC-V Summit sees launch of new processors from Synopsys and Ventana, shows traction among key companies like Qualcomm, and ...  > Read

  Ventana Micro Systems Unveils Second Generation Veyron Family RISC-V Processor, Paving the Way for Data Center-Class Perfo... - Nov. 20, 2023 ❖

Ventana Micro Systems Inc. has introduced the latest iteration of its Veyron family of RISC-V processors, positioning itself as a pioneer with the world's first data centre-class RISC-V p...  > Read

  Andes Technology Partners with WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) to Build Safety-Critical Solutions with RISC-V Pr... - Nov. 14, 2023 ❖

Andes Technology Corporation ( TWSE: 6533 ), a leading supplier of high efficiency, low-power 32/64-bit RISC-V processor cores and Founding Premier member of RISC-V International, is pleased...  > Read

Foundry and Technology News

  Samsung Foundry aims to improve production of AI, high performance computing chips - Nov. 21, 2023 ❖

Samsung aims to improve the production of AI and HPC (High-Performance Computing) semiconductor chips as it is in a unique position. It is the only firm in the world that makes extremely adva...  > Read

  Rapidus and Tenstorrent Partner to Accelerate Development of AI Edge Device Domain Based on 2nm Logic - Nov. 17, 2023 ❖

-- Rapidus Corporation, a company involved in the research, development, design, manufacture, and sales of advanced logic semiconductors, today announced an agreement with Tenstorrent Inc., a...  > Read

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